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Well actually, it takes more than 3 steps to become a better poker player. I figure out I'd start you guys out with some of the basics. Some of you might be playing for the first time. Which is exactly why the basics are going to work in your favor. Plus, some of the seasonal players out there might just benefit from a crash course in this. Some players tend to forget the basics after a while. This causes some of you to make the mistakes that you do.

So, here we go.

1) Let's talk about the idea ofbluffing.. Now there are some of you who'd like to try this. Here's a word of caution on this game plan. Do not do this unless you know for sure it's the right move. Some like to do this just for the sake of it. Meaning? They just want to get some thrill out of this action. This is a bad move. Only "call a bluff" when you know for sure it's the right move. Some have tried this in the past, only to get some bad results.

2)Your pick of chairs is also going to be important. I have found from others that it's best to sit in the first few chairs to the left of the dealer. It's the only way you can get a good view of what others are doing. This view is important. It's going to help you in your poker playing. It's going to help you to know what others are doing, this way you can make your own moves. The opposite side of these chairs are only going to cause blockages with your views. The middle views will also do the same.

One final word on this. It's best to begin playing when you have a better understanding of the game. In other words, don't play if you are just a novice. The other players will smell this and take you to the cleaners.

If you are going to be playing with the big boys, you have to act like part of the pack. You may also see, bandar ceme for more online gaming information.